Writing Workshops

Below are examples of lesson plans we have used at our workshops. For an explanation of our teaching philosophy, please visit Curriculum

Writing Workshop on Scars
Scars are not only a mark of having been hurt, they also represent healing and learning to live with things we have gone through.

  1. Check In: What’s your favorite scar?
  2. Brainstorm: Use a board to brainstorm different injuries experienced by participants. They can be physical or non-physical injuries.
  3. Prompt 1: Free write about a scar you have.
    • Ghostline: The day I got this scar…
  4. Prompt 2: Free write about something that has ‘left a mark on you’ – something that has changed you or something you will never forget.
    • Ghostline: I will never forget…
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Writing Workshop on Seasons
The seasons are a great point of entry for new writers because we all physically and emotionally experience the seasons in some capacity.

  1. Check In: What’s your favorite season?
  2. Brainstorm: Use a board to brainstorm different seasons or phases we have gone through in our lives. Consider styles, interests, personality traits, growth, relationships, etc.
  3. Prompt 1: What is or was a season in your life?
    • Ghost line: The season of _____ began…
  4. Prompt 2: When or how did this season end?
    • Ghost line: The season of _____ ended…
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