About Write Home

The Write Home Project initiates a long-term collaboration with Berkeley organizations serving homeless youth in order to also recognize the arts as a basic need for the holistic well-being of clients. We envision the transformation of shelters and clinics into spaces that better facilitate the expression of voice and positive human connection and that foster dialogue, empathy and understanding between client, student and local populations. We view the creation of creative spaces as critical to altering the life trajectories of people, especially youth, experiencing homelessness.

Our goal is to create spaces that are consistent, accessible, and healing.

Write Home facilitates writing workshops and open mics. Write Home also runs a multimedia campaign that calls into question the dominant discourse surrounding homelessness in the US, with the goal of inspiring dialogue about the larger social, economic and historical issues contributing to its continuation.

We want our participants to think of themselves as writers and community members, and to come to recognize the power in their own hands. We want our viewers to challenge their perception of youth homelessness.

Write Home was co-founded in 2013 by Natasha Huey & Gabriel Cortez, recipients of the Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize.